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MATLAB Tutorial Files

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The following files replace the old MATLAB tutorial files. All files are stored in PDF format.

Vector Operations February 21, 2000 Vector operations demo
 Data Import February 21, 2000 Demos of data import capabilities
 Simple Functions February 21, 2000 Demonstrates the use of functions in MATLAB
  Numerical Integration February 21, 2000 Demonstration of simple numerical integration
  Interpolation and Polynomials February 21, 2000 Demonstration of polynomial and inperpolation operations
  Matrices and Arrays July 19, 1999 Demonstration of array and matrix manipulations
July 19, 1999 Random number generators
 2D Graphs and Plots  July 19, 1999 2D Plots
 3D Graphs and Plots July 19, 1999 3D Plot Samples

The file labeled traffic contains data to support sample3d_plot3.m

 First-order ODE Example July 20, 1999 First-order Cooling model
 First Order Highway Model Files September 12, 2000 First-order highway development model
Second Order mechanical System Files November 5, 2001 Classical 2nd order system
 Highway Investment Model Files July 20, 1999 Third-order Systems Dynamics model
 Car-Following Simulink Models July 20, 1999 Simple Second-order car following models to demonstrate Simulink
 M/M/1 Simulation Files July 20, 1999 M/M/1 queueing system simulation
 Deterministic Queue Files October 22, 1999 Implements a deterministic queueing model based on time dependent supply and demand functions

File ohare_schedule contains sample demand data for Chicago's Airport

Probability Density Function Plots October 10, 1999
  • chi.m (computes the area under Chi Square Dist.)
  • chi_plot.m (Executes a general Chi Square distribution with parameter nu)
  • chif.m (function to estimate the first moment of the Chi Square dist.)
  • chis.m (function to estimate the second moment of the Chi Square dist.)
  • fct.m (estimates the factorial of a number)
  • gamma_plot.m (Executes a general Gamma Dist. Plot)
  • gammad.m (computes the area under the curve for the Gamma Dist.)
  • gammadf.m (first moment of the Gamma Dist.)
  • gammads.m (Second Moment of the Gamma Dist.)
  • negex_generator.m (generates negative exp. random variates)
  • negexp_plot.m (Plots the negative exponential dist. with parameter BETA)
  • negexpf.m (first moment of neg. exp. distribution)
  • negexps.m (second moment of neg. exp. distribution)
  • normal.m
  • normal_plot.m (Plots the normal dist. with parameters mu and sigma)
  • normalf.m (first moment of normal dist.)
  • normals.m (second moment of normal dist.)
  • poisson_plot.m (Plot the Poisson dist. with parameter m)
Linear Programming November 18, 1999
  • linprog = main linear programming file
  • osaka2 = sample data file to solve the Kansai Contruction Problem
Stochastic Queues July 20, 1999 M/M/n stochastic queueing equations